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Kontrapunkt is a creative sound agency with over 15 years of experience working in the fields of music composition, sound design, post production and sonic branding. During this time we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with a slew of international companies, working on everything from TV commercials, films, video games and toys, to radio, podcasts and record production.
Having an additional passion for video production, we put great emphasis on the interplay between sound and moving images. We find that it is of the utmost importance to work closely with the client in order to make sure that the sound fits in terms of the product, audience and concept as a whole. In this sense we continue to value the ability to deliver across a wide spectrum of different music styles and sound profiles.



Composition, Mix & Mastering


Composition & Sound Design


contact AT kontrapunkt-agency DOT com

+49 (0)160 97700153

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